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Guidelines for better results


Follow these guidelines

Achieving best results depends upon a close partnership between you and your Chiropractor . Your Chiropractor  will use years of training and experience to locate and help correct muscle and joint dysfunction.  It is in your interest to follow these simple suggestions to create the best possible circumstances for a faster and better healing and recovery.

This teamwork approach depends upon you taking responsibility for your health and following these guidelines.


Keep your appointments

Your treatment plan is based on the experience of thousands of chiropractors with millions of patients. Just as you can't expect to get in shape by working out just once or twice, you cannot expect meaningful changes to your condition with just a few chiropractic visits.

Each visit and chiropractic treatment builds on the one before. Missing or postponing visits can interfere with the "retraining" of your muscles and joints resulting in reduced benefit of your treatment plan and could delay your recovery.

Eat the right foods

Proper nutrition is especially important. Increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables and water! Avoid processed foods that are robbed of their vitamins and minerals. Make sure your body has the nutrients it needs to heal the muscles and soft tissues that support your spine.

Get adequate rest

The right type and amount of rest will also heal and regenerate your body.
The latest research indicates that patients with spinal problems should avoid extended bed rest. You need adequate sleep each night but, it's important that the time you spend resting doesn't make your problem worse. Therefore, sleep on a mattress that offers firm support, lying on your back or your side. Make sure your pillow provides good support for the neck. If it is too thick or thin it can distort the natural curve of the neck.


Exercise moderately

The rehabilitation of your spine also depends upon proper muscle tone. Swimming, brisk walking or other aerobic exercise can increase your metabolism and help the healing process. Your treatment plan will most likely include some stretches and exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your joints. Take it easy at first, and slowly build your endurance.

Performing these simple exercises can aid the speed of your recovery. It's an inexpensive way for you to assist your Chiropractor and the body's recovery.


Give it time

If you cover up your symptoms with a pill, you might expect "fast relief" in the short term. This is not a long term solution and could cause you further problems. Chiropractic treatment does not involve drugs and is a natural treatment to correct the underlying cause(s) of your problem. That takes time.


During your recovery

Be sure to ask questions along the way, so you understand every aspect of your Chiropractic care. Tell others, so they can support your decision and help you follow your chiropractor's recommendations.

Finally, when you're feeling better, consider a schedule of preventive chiropractic care, if appropriate for your condition, to maintain your progress and reduce the risk of a relapse.


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