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What is Chiropractic treatment like?

Chiropractors are taught many varied techniques to help get you out of pain. Depending upon such factors as your age, condition, pain location and severity to name a few; we tailor the type of manual treatment best suited to you. Your treatment may involve:-

  • Mobilisation or manipulation to help restore mobility to a particular area which has become too stiff. This is often where you have your pain.
  • Massage to relieve tight, stiff and spasmed muscles.
  • Advice on the correct self help stretching exercises. This is to help reduce the muscle tightness yourself when away from the clinic to help speed up your recovery.
  • Rehabilitation advice on the best form of muscle training (e.g. weights/aerobic/pilates/yoga) to help reduce the chance of a re-occurrence.

What is Chiropractic manipulation/mobilisation?

Chiropractic manipulation is a small, rapid thrust, skilfully applied to a joint to help improve joint mobility.  This type of treatment is often accompanied by a popping/cracking noise from the joint due to gas bubbles inside the joint popping. Chiropractic mobilisation involves more slower stretching manoeuvres over a longer period of time to the joint and is seldom accompanied by any audible noises.

Chiropractic treatment may produce some discomfort afterwards, usually lasting no longer than 24 hours. Frequently patients describe the feeling as 'the feeling you get the day after exercise or the day after a lot of gardening'. As you improve any post treatment discomfort becomes less and less as your problem is corrected.

How often and how long?

The number of Chiropractic treatments varies considerably from patient to patient and problem to problem.  Your rate of improvement depends on many factors including, your age, your history, how long you have had this particular problem, your ergonomics (work as well as home) as well as other subtle or less obvious factors.  Many patients feel immediate improvement, whilst others will need several treatments before they start to feel better.  Often your chiropractor will be able to use his experience and knowledge to advise you about how you are likely to respond.

Elective check ups

Once we have got you well again, our aim is to keep you functioning at optimum levels, so that you can enjoy life to the full and enjoy the things in your life that you need to do such as work, sports or hobbies.  Many of our patients, particularly those with a history of musculoskeletal problems or whose circumstances mean they keep aggravating their problem, find that periodic check-ups and treatments are beneficial to help them achieve longer periods without pain.  We are happy to advise you on an individual basis so feel free to discuss this with your chiropractor.

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